8 Things You Will Not really Be Told About Sex

Written by on September 1, 2019

When sex is mentioned, what comes to mind only could be the pleasure that could be derived from it, the art of creating someone reach orgasm or the strength needed to handle the action. The flicks and cinemas only paints a stunning scenario around the action without telling us the bad effects in case it is done at the wrong time.

I came up with this particular issue after exploring what would have occurred whether people knew what sex really meant. There would not have been cases of STD, unwanted pregnancies, cheating or even abortion. I studied the lives of great men in the Bible and our existing world who have suffered from the act due to their ignorance about sex. They’d their image tarnished as well as suffered lots of regrets.

What is the massive deal about sex? What are the stuff we don’t realize that might have saved us from pain or regrets? Patiently read through the following points I found below…

1. God created sex
Every invention has a goal for which it was produced. God created sex. It’s beyond a desire we have to satisfy when our hormone rages. It’s a sacred act. God gave male an instinct to have sex so that he can fulfill The purpose of his of creating godly seeds since we’re probably available in His image. although we often make the mistake of believing its in our energy to get it done anywhere, anyhow or anytime. Hence, we are going to be responsible for exactly how we use it. For instance, nobody would wish to hurt his/her body part of sight for no good reason. In the same way, our sexual organs have to be guarded since it had been created by God for our use at an appointed time – matrimony.

2. Its for procreation
The main function for God creating sex was for male to multiply, replenish, subdue as well as dominate the earth. There is no others means through which man can reproduce apart from through sex. Sadly, lots of sexual encounters outside wedlock created illegitimate kids and vagabonds. Abortion, unwanted pregnancy or STD were the items that would be developed whether sex was conducted outside God’s plan.

3. It’s designed to be practiced between married couples ONLY
Hmmm… a few might exclaim! The one avenue where God endorsed the practice of sex is through marriage, where a man as well as his wife are joined in concert to be one. When sex is practiced before marriage, it leads to premarital sex (fornication); exterior matrimony, it is referred to as extramarital sex (adultery). But what do you phone sex in matrimony? Hmm… You’re thinking? That is the splendor of sex. Absolutely no sin, no infidelity, no cheating or even contacting of any diseases.

4. Its for intimate pleasure between the married
How good will it be to enjoy sexual intimacy together with the one you actually love? God created sex for pleasure between couples which are married so that they can enjoy one another and share intimate satisfaction. One of the ways where married couples are able to enjoy intimacy is through sex.

5. The devil altered the purpose of its
Everything God created has a counterfeit created by the devil. God created like, he made infatuation. He created marital sex although the devil perverted it through the introduction of “extra” and “pre” to marital sex. The ignorance of this has made a large amount of folks to drop victims of its negative consequences.

6. It is urged by the media in place of abstinence
Most adverts now preach starting to be faithful to somebody with using condom rather than complete abstinence. A large amount of individuals nowadays hide under the shadow of having sex since they think abstinence is impossible. Unfortunately, this menace has escalated the problems associated with abortion, unwanted pregnancy and also other viral conditions contacted through sex. Why must you share condoms when you are able to teach folks the benefits of abstinence?

7. The devil makes use of it as a method to ruin lives and destroy destinies.

Believe it or not, sex completed before or external marriage has ruin the life of great males and women. It has tarnished people’s image, ruin their profession and prevented them from fulfilling the future of theirs to the total. Solomon’s reign will have lasted many generations if he’d not marry many wives. David also would have emerged a champion if not for his small encounter with Bathsheba which marred the reign of his. The devil uses all avenue to lure people into sexual sin thus the lives of theirs can be packed with agonies and their destinies shorter lived. Remember, the thief comes just to steal, kill as well as destroy.

8. Sex is not a sign of love
Don’t get it done! Under no circumstances imagine sex as an expression of love. It is a signal of destruction from the pit of hell. What number of people have actually been liked through sex? Nothing good comes out of that relationship. What happens when sex cease in such relationship?When you offer sex instead of love, which does not mean you’ll be loved forever. The real definition of love is sacrifice and dedication. If he/she can’t sacrifice his/her time, energy or resources for your well-being; or committed to bringing out the best in you, then you’re not loved. Don’t be deceived or tricked, sex is not love.

Dear friend, how special is your life and destiny to you? If it is more than what you are able to afford to drop in a night stand, you will guard it not and jealously let it go through premarital or extramarital sex. The devil lures folks into the act so as to barter their virtues for just a small pleasure and end up the life of theirs in regrets. Nobody will seat you down to tell you these truths about sex since it is unusual. There are few truths but a lot of lies worldwide today. God created sex for couples which are married only. Abstinence till marriage is worth more than using regrets before and after marriage. Let’s embrace a not any sex lifestyle.

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