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Written by on November 11, 2018


In case you are some normal guy, frankly, you’ve probably messaged or perhaps talked to a female who is very hot. And to make things more complex, she probably responded positively towards you. What happens travesti em São Paulo is something all of us have been guilty of: we feel to ourselves, “Oh man, I don’t wish to blow it with this particular girl!” After which what happens? Sure enough, we blow it! But why?


Why is it that we act distinct around females we perceive as more attractive than what we’re used to getting? The key is rather simple. We start off having ideas like, “This female is too very hot for me, I better throw in a little something extra to successfully attract her.” And that is exactly what we do. No dice soldier! This’s very discouraging for us and all our labor of getting where we are with her would almost all have been for nothing and a total waste of time.


DON’T do the opposite than you typically would. Guys make this mistake time and time again. They purchase a good reply (a reaction or online) (in person) from a very popular woman and they think (because she is very hot) they’ve to try something new and better. In essence…they panic. Picture every woman the same…as someone you wouldn’t date unless she’d a kick ass personality. Her looks do not impress you. In reality, they somewhat turn you off as you know there is a much better chance she has a shallow personality Due to the looks of her.

Why is this? Because she has been able to cruise through life by utilizing her looks to get friends, boyfriends, material items, jobs, anything or favors else she makes a decision and from anybody who happens to cross the path of her. Whereas the majority of society has to work with the personality of its, work ethic, wit, charm, sense of humor as well as the unusual piece of luck there and here. We call these particular women External Validation Junkies! And you know what I’m talking about when I mention outside validation junkies. These’re the ladies that feed off of getting attention from their outside surroundings, and most of the attention comes from men.

So if you realize you are in the presence of an exceptionally attractive woman, remember, do not act different! in fact, treat her like she’s merely “one of the guys.”

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