Intercourse Sells – But What Will it be Selling?

Written by on May 20, 2019

After spending a bit of time browsing some popular social sites including MySpace and YouTube, it’s more and more obvious to me that sex sells. What it sells isn’t always clear, but what’s obvious is that no matter what you are selling or promoting, if you have an element of sex or even the hint of sex, you are likely to generate interest. Now I’m not speaking sexual actions, it is more about sexuality and the lure.

Now I don’t know if this works exactly the same for ladies as it does for males. As a male, I’m going to focus on the perspective of mine. A video or even a photo of a half naked male isn’t likely to draw me to check out something. If anything it could actually stop me from looking. But, you make that your half naked woman, and, I’m interested. It’s just like driving by an automobile accident. You hope that nobody’s hurt, but you only have to look.

As someone who needs to promote services that have practically nothing to do with sex or even anything or porn like it, how do you get similar level of interest in your product or service as all those with a sexual aspect? Is it possible? Do you have to include some sort of sex teaser? I’ve noticed that any photo or video which has a single thing to do with nudity or near nudity gets aproximatelly ten times the views as every thing else.

I realize that laughter is a distant second after which there’s everything else. In any event it is complicated. For example, I have a site which is a C2B referral source. There is nothing so much sexy about it. There’s nothing too amusing either. It’s merely a resource for helping folks locate probably the best locally owned and operated companies. I frequently promote the web site, but I believe that my efforts don’t produce as high a return as I may well like.

So what am I to do? Should I always include photos of barely dressed women in my ads just so I are able to get people to look? Should I include teaser lines that will hint that a clip is all about sex so people will watch? Here’s the dilemma. In case I start adding a sexual element to my marketing and folks start watching more often, will it eventually work against me because currently my business does not have the same legitimacy? Will I have offended others who do not want to be exposed to that subject matter?

It’s a tough call when as an online marketer you would like to get so many eyes as you can on your product or service. I will consider it some more. I might even test with a few bikini babes in my ads. I’ll let you know how it works out. Oh, by the way.
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