Japanese Glossary For Image Board Users

Written by on June 3, 2019

Photo boards have become a prominent web activity in recent times. If you’ve been to areas like 4chan, 7chan, and so on, you’ve seen an one-of-a-kind society that blends detailed and also photographic art from both Western and Japanese culture. After you surf these locations for some time, it starts to emerge that Japanese as well as English are mixed together so much, you require a foot in each society to recognize what’s taking place.

So right here’s a guide to one of the most typical Japanese words you’ll find in the world of picture boards. These places are lived in mainly by anime, manga, and also video game followers, so many of the terms have to do with this society.

anime – Japanese animation. All animations originating in Japan.

baka – A fool, or art representing absurdity. Disney’s personality Goofy would be thought about baka.

bancho – An overdue or defiant child.

bara – A gay guy, or art interesting or showing gay males.

bishojo – An attractive girl, older than teenage years but more youthful than college age.

bukkake – A fetish for unpleasant sex, and art showing this proclivity.

burikko – A grown-up making believe to be a youngster. Functions in art portraying age-play.

– chan – A suffix meaning “associating with;” also a Japanese honorific.

chibi – A short, small person or an extremely young kid. A certain anime/manga drawing design, making a character show up dwarfish or altered. Western cartoon fairies could be considered chibi.

cosplay – The task of dressing up as a favored character from anime/mange. Regularly done at comic book conventions and various other fan events.

desu – A short Japanese word that connects a noun as well as verb, literally translated as “it is.” Image boards have taken this as a meme, often repeating “desu desu desu,” for various reasons, consisting of to tease the newbies or stubbornly continue an argument.

doujinshi – Self-published work. The equivalent of desktop self-publishing for manga.

ecchi – The common term for sexual product.

futanari – Hermaphrodites, or art depicting hermaphrodites. Half-male-half-female.

gaiden – Side or extra material. In photo boards, gaiden would certainly be some four-panel cartoons of manga personalities, illustrating occasions that do not count in the manga itself. A side-story or spin-off.

guro – Very gross pornography illustrating severe injuries, mutilation, or fatality. The manga equivalent of “snuff porn.”

hentai – Erotic bondage manga. The majority of sexual Japanese illustratory product falls under this classification.

hikikomori – An otaku required to the following level: a loner and also outsider whose only rate of interest is anime/manga fandom. The equivalent of a Western “cellar nerd,” only recommending an aberrant, undesirable level of both fascination and also isolation.

itasha – The subculture of decorating an automobile with decals of manga/anime personalities.

josei – A manga genre attracting adult women. The equivalent of Western soap-operas.

kaitou – A mystical. evasive thief. hentaihound.com with phantom-like facets. A sneaky individual who resides in the darkness. The equivalent of Western rogue or hobbit.

katana – A Japanese sword. About 99% of the time when you see ninjas and samurai with swords, they’re shown wielding katanas.

kawaii – Meeting the Japanese requirement for “adorable.”.

kawaiiko – An adorable youngster.

kei – Originally a sculpture style used to depict Buddha. As opposed to the much more familiar (to the West) vision of Buddha as a jolly, giggling other, Japanese Buddhas are slim as well as severe.

lolicon – A jargon term shared between Japanese and Western society, for the preference for child-like depictions of women.

manga – Japanese comic books. All visuals, printed media of a cartoon nature coming from Japan.

mangaka – A manga developer. Japanese for “cartoonist.”.

manzai – A design of wit involving a funny duo of one “straight male” and one “amusing man.” In Western society, Abbot as well as Costello would certainly be thought about manzai.

mecha – Anime or manga involving large, armored, warrior robots, usually piloted by a human within.

meganekko – The tourist attraction to girls who wear glasses. Anime or manga portraying “geeky” girls.

miko – A female holy place assistant. The equal to a Western nun.

moe – A slang term for a fan of anime or manga, or the attraction to anime and also manga characters.

neko – A kitten or a feline, especially when shown as being cute. Additionally puts on describe a female in a cat costume, or half-human-half-cats.

oekaki – Scribbling and scribbling. Amateur art by fans.

ojou – A superior or well-off lady.

omorashi – A fetish for peeing. The matching of Western “water sports.”.

oni – A devil or fiend.

oranyan – A male who is by turns hostile and also withdrawn, and also pleasant and enchanting.

otaku – A very strong fan of manga, anime, or video games. A lot more major than moe, not as serious as hikikomori.

pokemon – The most renowned anime/ manga/ video game franchise in Japan.

sakura – A cherry bloom. A really typical artistic theme in Japan.

seinen – A manga style appealing to adult males. The male equivalent of josei.

sensei – An instructor or master.

sentai – Japanese superheros. Refers to army heros; in the West, Hercules and G.I. Joe would both fall under the category of sentai.

shibari – Japanese bondage, including rope chains elevated to a complex as well as specialized art form.

shinigami – A Japanese angel of death, in folklore. The equivalent of the Western “grim reaper,” although shinigami are a whole class of entities and not just one.

shojo – A manga category interesting young women and girls. The younger matching of josei.

shonen – A manga category appealing to young men and children. Generally activity and adventure tales.

shotacon – The Japanese variation of “kid’s love,” the representation of young children in a sexual context. The male version of lolicon.

sukeban – An overdue or defiant girl.

tan – A suffix indicating a personality made use of as a mascot for a product. Characters used to stand for different computer operating systems are “OS-tans.”.

tsundere – A lady that is by turns aggressive as well as withdrawn, and also sweet and also captivating.

yakuza – Japanese gangs as well as mobsters. The mob. The equivalent of Western Mafia.

yandere – A psychotic stalker. A category of Japanese manga/anime showing timid, silent individuals who come to be infatuadted to the point of obsession with someone, at some point transforming fierce and also violent, perhaps even murderous.

yaoi – Japanese manga/anime showing male homosexuals however planned for women. In the West, if you made fiction especially for “fag hags,” it would be called yaoi.

yuri – A lesbian, or art attracting or portraying gay women.

If you’ve been to areas like 4chan, 7chan, and also the like, you’ve seen a distinct society that mixes detailed and photographic art from both Western and also Japanese culture. After you surf these places for awhile, it begins to come to be evident that Japanese and also English are mixed together so a lot, you need a foot in each society to comprehend what’s going on.

In image boards, gaiden would certainly be some four-panel cartoons of manga characters, portraying occasions that do not count in the manga itself. The equivalent of Western rogue or hobbit.

The matching of Western Mafia.

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