Sex Life Advice: Sex Isn’t A Reward, Nor a Punishment

Written by on March 14, 2020

A colleague on LinkedIn posed a controversial question: can a partner use sex as a benefit or even a penalty? Obviously, the short answer is no. But the topic had clinicians, including me, thinking about how people continue utilizing their intimate partnership to change their spouse.

When someone is stingy about money and has intercourse, whether their wife does one thing they need to do, it’s using sex as a punishment as well as a benefit. They could say to themselves, “You rodent, I’m not having sex with you because you’re disturbing me.” Maybe they’re not actually aware of their concept. They just say they don’t look like they’re having sex. They might have strategies or perhaps reasons to stay away from the experience. This is what I call “retaining sex.” Normally, the individual withholding sex doesn’t say out loud, “Hey, you’ve repaired the empty one now after I’ve been bugging you for the last 3 weeks, so I’m going to have sex with you,” or maybe, “You gave in so we got the couch in a style that I needed rather than that horrid tan, here’s a blow job.” Of MILF PORN , there’s something like celebrating with women. Have you received a raise? Let’s get some fun! The bath of an advanced mattress? Let’s get some fun! Whoo hoo, guy!

But to change someone with sex? A no. What I have always found is that the person who withholds sex appears weak in certain areas of the relation. They may have poor communication skills, have depressive thoughts like depression or rage. Gender is a strong tool to manipulate someone’s behaviour. So it works before one’s companion becomes annoyed or even gets trapped in the contest.

Here’s some tips on sexual intercourse: being romantic, fun, friendly, getting sex needs to be given quickly. Gender needs to be addressed. Gender is like a bar in Hershey, to be sliced in half and to be loved exactly like that. Honesty and assertiveness are that is necessary to allow it to be very.

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